Thursday, October 1, 2009


You can't go wrong with a bunch of alstromeria (Peruvian Lily).  I found mine at Trader Joe's for 3.99 and was able to get two arrangements out of  10 stems.  I tried a new addition and took cuttings from a ligustrum (or Privet) that I have trained as a standard.  Don't know how they will do inside, but thought I would give it a try.

I love the green "berries", but they significantly weighed the stem down, so I thinned them out before adding them to the arrangement.

Here was the result.  Ahhhh......alstroemeria.  See?  You can't go wrong with it!  I bought the bottle from the Goodwill and loved the look of the skinny little neck on a large bottom.  I like them chunky:)

Sitting pretty in the guest bath.  Hopefully it will last until Saturday to greet all my swappers!
Do you have a go-to flower for arrangements?  Please share!

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decdiva1 said... the "berries" too! did you put that vs. under leave your comment? prov. 16:24?