Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Sad Story.....

Well, our home computer crashed last week.  I have no idea how many photos we lost.  Dave said that Picasa was backed up a few months ago, so at least I know that our daughter's existence will be saved:) I have not had the energy to figure out how to get photos on without my program, nor have I been elbow deep in projects....Mothering and wifing have been my full-time jobs.  It's amazing how much time a blog takes up, for me, that is.
So, the sad story is I have no idea when I will be back up and running. I don't plan to close down permanently....this may only be temporary.
So, thanks for visiting and leaving such wonderful and encouraging comments!!
Hopefully, I will "see" you soon!


Anonymous said...

That is so frustrating, isn't it? Hope ou get everything squared away soon! Sounds like you have your priorities in order though and are focused on what's REALLY important. Looking forward to seeing your posts when you are able.

pk @ Room Remix

Cathy said...

Come back whenever you are ready!!!

Take care!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


trevor said...

sorry bout your pictures - does that mean you want me to send you another one of my 8x10 glamour shots I had taken at Manchester Center?
yes, I'll sign it too - you're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamera! Hope all is going well with you. Thanks so much for your kind comment on the turquoise barn. Have a great weekend...

Anonymous said...

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